Your Training Needs – Support

Ckone is a strenght of a professional team to train and support you.

Customers who do our product training follow a carefully mapped out course inhouse that allows them to fully understand the techniques and methods inherent to the products. The training material can be consulted at any time by learners and, moreover, encourages the sharing of good practices and homogenisation of knowledge.

A team of experts at your service.

For the learner, who usually has a technical role, the material is presented in a way that makes it easy to take on board the key points of the product and thus develop a marketing or sales pitch.

The product training course is also a reference document for the learner and a ready source of information on the product as and when required.

We aim to present the product in a way that is relevant to the working environment of the learner, and so CK’ONE Distribution and JK Structure provide theoretical training but also, and most importantly, practical training.


In order to help you familiarise yourself with the product, our experts give preliminary theoretical training to enable you to absorb the basics of handling the product, the relevant health and safety standards, and a few ‘recipes’ to apply to ensure the quality and durability of the end product.


On your very first construction site you will be able to acquire all the practical and fundamental knowledge needed for optimum use of the JK Structure product. Our trainer will be there to help you learn everything you need to become autonomous and efficient.


All our training material can of course be consulted and downloaded, should your own copy not be to hand, from our Website database Partner section, for which you will be given an access code.